Internet Explorer Version 11 Printing Blank Pages


The latest security update from Microsoft for Internet Explorer version 11 has a known issue causing blank pages to print in ALLDATA Repair. All other browsers are unaffected by the issue, and Microsoft is working on a solution for their next update. 

In the meantime, if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 and want to fix the printing issue Microsoft has recommended uninstalling the latest update. To complete the uninstallation process, please check which operating system is installed on your computer and use the following instructions:


  • WIN10 = “KB4022725”
  • WIN 8.1 = “KB4022726”
  • WIN 7 SP1 = “KB4022719”


Please click on the following link and select “How do I remove an installed update?” from the FAQ menu:



For further information and help please contact your system administrator.

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